Your Wedding Entertainment Resource.

We understand the importance of quality production at your Wedding for the simple fact that there are so many cherished memories riding on that one special day - and there's only one shot at success. It's no wonder why so many Brides & Grooms are turning to Limitless Lights and Sound to help with their wedding entertainment, lights, sound and video.

We've heard it too many times before - horror stories of unprepared DJ's, good DJ's with bad equipment, feedback and noise in the sound system, lights blinding attendees, videos turning out like crap... You name it. Our mission is to leave clients feeling like they got more than they payed for, without a quirk - and we haven't failed yet.

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It's our passion to give you something as special as the union that has brought two beautiful souls together. That's why countless event organizers in the Houston area and beyond have partnered with us and use us exclusively for every wedding they curate. Our attention to detail & hands-on approach to taking care of our clients leaves us with nothing but happy Brides & amazing photos to show for the night.

Houston Wedding DJ, Wedding Lighting, Limitless Lights and Sound

Creators of Ambiance.

Our creative touch and flare is our specialty in lighting, giving us the ability to transform any space into an extravagant and elegant environment.  

Our lighting services include:

  • Wireless Uplighting & Moving Lights

  • Music-Synced Light Shows

  • Dance Floor Lighting

  • Monogram Projections

  • Spot Lights

  • Fog Effects

Masters of Sound.

We take pride in our ability to make any room sound good, and understand there's not a single system that's going to work for any given room. It's our responsibility to our clients to make sure that we're providing the right system for the right space, which is why we build custom quotes from scratch almost every time.

Our Audio Services Include:

  • High Quality and Affordable Sound Systems

  • Wireless Microphones (No Feedback!)

  • Band Reinforcement

  • Professional Audio Recording & Voiceover.

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Top Industry DJ's, MC's, and Entertainment.

Our network of DJ's is massive, and with over 30 DJ's on our roster we can happily provide industry professional's  specialized in any genre you want.

Our DJ Services Include:

  • Wedding Reception DJ

  • Wedding Ceremony DJ

  • Wedding MC & Announcements

  • Wedding Bands and Performers.