Full Color Laser Light Shows

Our Laser Technicians are licensed and ready for your event, making sure that all protocols are met and safety regulations adhered to. All of our units are routinely maintenanced by our technicians to ensure full working order of our laser fixture rental or your money back

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Lasers are changing the Playing field.

More than a bare event essential, our full-color laser projectors offer a diverse array of looks. We are seeing more and more concerts and shows use lasers for a variety of applications -

  • Full Color Aerial Effects

  • Three Dimensional Shape Output

  • Laser Graphics, and Laser Logos

Their high output makes them great for large venues when you want to paint a lot of space with light.

Dynamic, Real-Time Laser Shows

Our laser-show operators are as excited about the looks as you are, and ready to wrap your event in immersive visuals. Our Laser Services include:

  • Laser Light-Show Operation

  • Nightclub Laser Installation & Sales

  • Laser Head Rentals

  • Laser Art and Audiovisual Installations

  • Laser Logo Display

  • Laser Mapping

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