Creative Design: Journey's x Converse - Immersive LED Tunnel

Journeys x Converse - Immersive LED Tunnel

with dotdotdash

In May 2018, our creative design genius Colin Hendee was approached by fellow interactive media company dotdotdash, in their hopes of finding a local fabrication house capable of implementing their structural design for an LED Tunnel. This project was featured at the Journeys x Converse event at Silver Street Studios, in Houston Texas.

My favorite part was the hyper-reflective flooring. Not only did it have Journey’s branding big and bold, but it also acted as a mirror for the pixel mapping done by dotdotdash. This created a 3D effect when you walked inside of it.
— Collin Hendee, Creative Design

The structure flexed some impressive dimensions, coming in at 13’ tall by 32’ long.

The biggest challenge was the sheer size of the project, paired with the time crunch to complete it. As this style of work is very rare to find here in Houston - dotdotdash (based in Portland) only discovered our services a week and a half from the event. Thankfully we were able to expedite their design, transport it to the venue perfectly in time for programming.

Creative Design Ideas LED Tunnel

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